Sterling Silver Tiny Cockle Stud Earrings


The tiniest earring in our collection, so sweet, so perfect, found on the beach at Daymer Bay, Rock. Weight: 0.8g Size: 7mm

Sterling Silver Medium Cockle Stud Earrings


Found on the beach at Daymer Bay, Rock. Such a classic and popular shell. This size looks great on children and adults alike. Weight: 1.4g Size: 11mm

Sterling Silver Small Mussel Stud Earrings


These tiny little dainty mussel shells are perfectly formed and are so cute. Weight: 1g Size: 9mm

Sterling Silver Medium Mussel Stud Earrings


These medium mussel shells look fabulous with the matching pendants. Weight: 1.6g Size: 11mm

Sterling Silver Turtle Stud Earrings


These beautiful sea creatures are a favourite with everyone. Weight: 1.2g Size: 10mm

Sterling Silver Small Clam Stud Earrings


Delightful little stud, the shells are found on beaches nearby. Weight: 15g Size: 11mm

Sterling Silver Mussel Drop Earrings


Inspired by their matching pendant. Weight: 3.3g Size: 32mm

Sterling Silver Pasty Drop Earrings


Wear it with the Pasty Pendant - ansom my luvver! Weight: 5.5g Size: 33mm

Sterling Silver Oxidised Mussel Drop Earrings


These reflect the natural beauty of the shell and are fabulous on their own or teamed with the matching pendant. Weight: 3.3g Size: 32mm